Weekend @ mom's

I spent my weekend at my mother's place. I cought a cold so I decided to stay here today before I have to go to work tomorrow. Mom and I went for a walk and watched a couple of movies together, but she have to finish an assignment so I spent some time by myself drawing and reading my book. I have been exploring the Instagram app and I believe took some nice pictures to describe my weekend.

I was so happy when I found my favourite skin products in VITA. I started using them in Aussie and now I can use them here as well, so happy.

Delicious dinner. Salmon, pasta, vegies and avocado.

First day back at work, It's so wierd, but nice, catching the tram again.

Delicious dinner, again.




You like my old trackies? Haha, I don't, but I didn't have a lot of clothes at my mom's

Walk to Nydalen


Walk in the sun

Lunch in the sun

I started drawing a cat and it turned out quite nice I think.

Tea and honey for my sore throat.


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