Happy Birthday Norway!

Today is Norway's independence day and the whole of Norway is celebrating, even the Norwegians living outside Norway. I spent my day eating breakfast with Line, Hanne and Cathrine. It was really nice to see them again but they overslept so we had our breakfast late. Then we went down to the Inner city to watch the parade where we joined one random group of poeple and walked with them for a bit (Yes!! I got to walk the parade, that was my main goal for today). Then we sat down on Aker Brygge (the man warf of Oslo) and had ice cream and soda. It was so nice because the sun came out. It was suppose to be rainy all day, but from 10am it was sunny and the weather just kept getting better troughout the day. I had dinner with my mom's side of the family and we had good food and lots of sweeties. I'm really tired right now so I just have to go to bed early. 

It's been a great 17th of May :)

Me in my national costume. I'm the forth generation wearing it and it's the old version from a place called Sunnmøre. 

Breakfast with Hanne and Line

Hanne, Cathrine, Line and me. We all have different national costumes


Hipp, hipp....hurra

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