Sneak Preview of "The Dictator"

Today my friend Ida and I went to the movies. My awesome grandmother gave me two tickets to the sneak preview of "The Dictator". I didn't know anything about the movie from before but when I was told that Sasha Baron Cohen was in it I just knew that the film would be crazy.. and so it was. I find him hilarious and I laughed trough the whole film. 

It was also really nice to see Ida again. We went for a coffee at Kaffebrenneriet and just talked about everything that had happened the last nine months. 

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Ina Charlott

Ina Charlott

19, Oslo

Jeg lever livets glade dager på Manly Beach, North Sydney, hvor jeg studerer Bachelor of Business Administration with Events Management. Jeg prøver å oppleve så mye som mulig på mine tre år down under og deler gladelig mine opplevelser med deg!