So get up your arms and spread the love

Yesterday was awesome. I really enjoyed being with the animals at the FOD-farm. I was introduced to all the dogs and all the cats. I was also so lucky because I got to sit down with the kittens, and they're only three weeks old. I couldn't stop smiling. 

Another thing that makes me reallyhappy is that I fit into my bunad (Norway's national costume). After I came back I got some comments about my weight and stuff, so I was a bit upset, but when I still can get into my bunad I was happy because that means that I haven't changed that much since I left home 9 months ago. I already signed myself up for the gym (SATS) as well, so from Wednesday I will start working out and get healty again. 

I can't stop listening to this song. I love it. I have to go to Tomorrow land next year!!!!

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Ina Charlott

Ina Charlott

19, Oslo

Jeg lever livets glade dager på Manly Beach, North Sydney, hvor jeg studerer Bachelor of Business Administration with Events Management. Jeg prøver å oppleve så mye som mulig på mine tre år down under og deler gladelig mine opplevelser med deg!