Hey everyone.

I finally got home yesterday, after 22 hours on 2 different planes. What a sick journey. I actually think the 6 hours flight was worse than the 14 hours. I thought my legs was gonna fall off because of the man in front of me that decided to have his seat as far down as possible the whole trip. Anyways, it feels so good to be home. Mom picked me up from the airport and drove me home to Kjelss. We stopped at a petrol station to buy a Norwegian hot-dog. It tasted delicious and so much better than kanagroo sausages..

I had dinner with my dad's side of the family. It was nice. I gave them the souvernirs I had bought for them and they were all very pleased. I went to bed early, about eight-nine o'clock and slept until 7 am this morning. It's nice not to have any jetlag.

Going to my grandmother today for lunch and then I might go out to Foreningen for Omplassering av Dyr (sort of like an RSPCA association) later because I have signed myself up as a volunteer. I think it would be really satisfying to help abandoned animals. My job will be caring for the animals, snuggle with them and go for walks, and maybe feed them and clean their cages as well. Can't wait.

My journey..

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Ina Charlott

Ina Charlott

19, Oslo

Jeg lever livets glade dager p Manly Beach, North Sydney, hvor jeg studerer Bachelor of Business Administration with Events Management. Jeg prver oppleve s mye som mulig p mine tre r down under og deler gladelig mine opplevelser med deg!